Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The downs and ups of access and the Belfast airport

As I was reading this item on a woman's complaint about getting a ticket at the Belfast airport, I admit I thought we only hear the negative when it comes to accomodation. That's one of the flaws of all media - heck of human nature. We gravitate to the negative. In this case, this woman was relating how she got a ticket for having a vehicle stand to load her and her husband's stuff after a trip. Her husband uses a wheelchair. Many able-bodied people did the same, but weren't ticketed, she wrote. But then at the end she mentions: "On a brighter note, Belfast generally treat their disabled passengers with dignity." I am glad she added that. It was one small blow for those who do the right thing too. (Photo of loading at an airport, not necessarily the incident described in the post, by xenia antunes via morgueFile.com)


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