Tuesday, April 19, 2005

They have a vision

There’s a citizens' initiative that could make travel in Manhattan easier. vision42 would bring a light rail system to the 42nd Street corridor, allowing for a river to river trip in 20 minutes. The group unveiled three technical studies on the project’s feasibility and benefits of such a system Monday. Guess what? The studies show it is feasible and does have benefits. But seriously folks, the project does sound promising from a what it would do standpoint. The lines could make the trip so relatively quickly despite traveling only a maximum of 15 mph because the lines would run through pedestrian malls dedicated to the system, making it is easy to board and let off passengers. The design also would be accessible to wheelchairs, strollers and people who have trouble with stairs. The renderings at the vision 42 homepage make it clearer. Perhaps the proposal is one of those too pie in the sky ideas. It has not attracted much press and hasn’t been bandied about much in the blogosphere either. Still, someone’s gotta have the vision and there’s no doubt that this would be transit that people using wheelchairs would benefit from.


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