Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Access to greatness

I admit I have a soft spot for Lincoln. Anything Lincoln attracts my interest. I think it is an effect of growing up in Illinois. You get Lincoln pounded into you. All Illinois Scouts at some point go to Springfield. Probably a school trip too. Heck, even our local grade school, though it's in Wisconsin, takes their eighth grade trip to Springfield.

So I knew I wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial, which inexplicably to me our family had skipped when I was a kid and we visited DC. I was pleasantly surprised when I found there is an elevator to the gallery of the monument. Did you know that? The entrance is on the left side of the building. There is a unique little book store -- just a nook really -- off the gallery as well. Our little one got a envelope of mini post cards there that she still looks at. "There's the soldiers" she says for the photo of the changing of the guard at the Tombs of the Unknowns. "There's the pointy thing" she says for the Washington Monument. And there are bathrooms on the ground floor by the elevator entrance with a decent accessible stall.

The photos above show we made it.
And despite the elevator, the girls just had to do the stairs --- twice. No thanks, for me.


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