Thursday, January 19, 2006

EC backs accessible tourism

"Numerous studies have shown that disabled people are excluded from traveling and enjoying a holiday - at home or abroad - by a lack of suitable facilities. Economic barriers are not the biggest factor keeping people at home, and the market potential is enormous, when you consider that there are 50 million disabled people and their families in Europe. Added to this, destinations with good physical access and services are a boon to hundreds of millions of oldertravelerss who may have health and mobility problems associated withagingg. As populations both in Europe and globally are ageing rapidly, it is only common sense to make tourism accessible for all." -- Ivor Ambrose, Coordinator of the partnership behind European Network for Accessible Tourism.

That's the issue in a nutshell isn't it. The European Commission is fostering the European Network for Accessible Tourism, which is seen as a private public partnership. Look for ambitious things from them as they set out the goal of increasing accessible tourism in the EU.


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