Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kangoo awarded

We blogged earlier on Gowrings Mobility's giveaway of a wheelchair adapted Renault Kangoo. The car was won by Valerie Goode from Kettering, UK who will use it when visiting her son Paul Smith. Will it go to good use? "Paul lives in a residential care home so when we visit him each week, we either have to just go for a walk, or we need to plan ahead and book the home's minibus," Goode said. " I always used to feel bad, as it would deprive someone else at the home. Paul loves going out -- he's a very sociable person. Having our own car means we can take him out so much more, and we can also be more impulsive. Thanks to the car, his life will become more interesting. It's the best birthday gift ever!" Gowrings Mobility is celebrating its 40th anniversary.


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