Friday, February 17, 2006

Ohhhh it's a policy now

The latest example of a person who uses a wheelchair being kicked off a plane occurred in South Africa. This airline's policy, enacted just in September (the spokesperson thinks) requires passengers to be accompanied if they need assistance in "being loaded onto the aircraft and into a seat." When I read these stories, I am struck at the obvious solution, but puzzled as to why nothing is happening in that direction. Clearly, the airlines need to be required to have a seating area available that can accommodate a wheelchair when needed. No transfer in this case and there should be no "safety" problem as they define it. Other transportation systems have been required to at least make some steps in this direction. Why not airlines? It wouldn't necessarily need to be something that permanently takes up seating either. Commuter trains often have convertible spaces. Have you seen what they are doing these days with seats that easily stow in mini-vans? Why not a version for planes?


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