Thursday, March 16, 2006

Charting New Directions

This article from the Goleta Valley Voice tells the story of Dee Duncan, who believes "there is really no reason people with developmental disabilities shouldn’t have the same experiences. Duncan is the founder and executive director of Goleta-based New Directions, a travel business devoted to making sure those with mental, emotional, and physical impairments don’t miss out on surf sessions in Hawaii, outback adventures in Australia, Japanese food in Japan or the nightlife in Las Vegas." Dipping into her retirement savings to get started, Duncan acknowledges that her venture had its detractors. “At first, very frankly, people thought I was nuts.” she said. “People would say, ‘You're taking them where? Why are you taking them? Do they know where they're going?’ They didn't think [the travelers] would get anything out of it.” But they do, Duncan asserts. “Their whole world opens up,” she said, “and new information comes in where it wasn’t possible before.” (Photos above of New Directions trips and used with permission)


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