Monday, March 20, 2006

Not free from fees

Ryanair has found a way to recoup the oh so heavy cost of having wheelchairs for it passengers that might need one. They levy everyone a stealthy fee. From

"Airlines have been able to get away with advertising airfares until now that excluded taxes and fees but the new airline proposal is that they be able to make airfares even less transparent by not advertising additional airline-related costs like fuel surcharges. What this means to consumers, especially those that use airfare comparison websites to make purchasing decisions, is that it will become even harder to work out exactly how much your ticket will cost and which airline is offering the better deal. And with growing fuel surcharges, especially on certain international sectors, these hidden extra costs could come as a bit of shock when the final price is revealed. This practice is already in place in certain European countries, especially among the low cost carriers, like Ryanair which supplements the miniscule airfares it advertises with extra taxes, fees, credit card and passenger service charges. They are even cheeky enough to impose a wheelchair levy (to cover the cost of the possibility that someone on your flight may require a wheelchair)."

Yeah, they're cheeky all right.


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