Thursday, March 16, 2006

Puting a number to it.

Disablist Britain, a report written by the Demos think-tank for the charities Scope and Disability Awareness in Action, found 40 percent of disabled people have difficulty with travel. I sure could have imagined that figure being higher -- which is not to say this figure is good. The report notes that public transport is showing improvement in accessibility, though "massive barriers remain." The report drew upon statistical data from a number of sources including government statistics, census figures and not-for-profit and think-tank polling. “Measuring the extent of institutional and cultural prejudice against disabled people is the first step to making disablism history," said Sarah Gillinson, researcher at Demos and one of the report’s authors. "Empowering individual disabled people to use measures of discrimination to highlight and begin tackling the daily injustices they face, is the crucial next step.”


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