Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Finest facilities

We went on a little trip during out children's spring break. My oldest daughter was playing with her high school band at several of the theme parks in the Orlando area. So, that's where the rest of the family headed too. We had a great time and saw a lot of cool things. But I just keep gushing to folks about something I saw at Sea World. No, I'm not talking about some aquatic mammal show, though they were very impressive. I'm referring to the bathrooms. What a great set-up they had for accessible stalls in the bathroom. It really was like a mini family bathroom, only inside the men's (and I assume the women's too) room. Plenty of space. And a sink and a garbage can right inside the stall. It was perfect for our needs. Way to go Sea World. Then coming home we stopped at a convenience store/gas station for fuel and other needs. And they had a similar set-up in their bathroom. Maybe this is a Florida thing. But it sure made life easier for us.