Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Travel as transformation

The experiences of Cheng Shu-yun in this Taiwan Headlines article show that travel can be a transforming experience. She relates her first time leading a tour group for a travel agency she worked for: "'It was winter at the time and the main focus of the itinerary was to go to South Korea to ski,' she said. Cheng said she recalls that upon arriving at the ski resort, she was not willing at all to get out of the bus. She was afraid that she would slip when using her crutches and would fall down, making a big scene. The Korean bus driver of the tour bus was adamant, however, that she take part in the activity and carried her over to the skiing area. He also took pictures of her so as a memento of the event. 'After I got back to Taiwan, it was if my world had changed. I no longer felt that I was limited,' she said."
Cheng also relates some of those gotta adapt to the situation experiences we can all relate to.


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