Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You knew it had to be for safety's sake

Australian airline Quantas justifies its policy of limiting the number of wheelchair using passengers to two per flight (reportedly just on some types of aircraft) because of -- surprise! -- safety. An executive told the Sydney Morning Herald that the limits were due to potential stowage safety hazards. Oh yes and reduced staff. The move has angered a former spokeswoman for the airline, wheelchair racer Louise Sauvage, who said: "I am very disappointed (Quantas) have taken this line." Fellow wheelchair athlete Paul Nunnari summed up the attitude toward travelers with disabilities at Quantas and Virgin Blue well: "We don't have to care about you. You guys are the last on the list."It appears Australia is becoming the flashpoint for such battles for the time being.

More on this from Broken Clay Journal too.


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