Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Myrtle Beach comitted to better beach access

Since starting this blog, I have long noticed Myrtle Beach's commitment to creating accessible beach entrance points. The commitment continues. This article says "Myrtle Beach has budgeted $250,000 this year to get anywhere from 15 to 22 new"accessible ramps. Other communities in the greater Myrtle Beach area show similar commitment. I have often wondered why there isn't more of a push to have beaches be more accessible to those with disabilities, especially as these facilities are reconstructed due to age or storm damage. I applaud Myrtle Beach for making this a priority.

And by the way, the lead of this article says this:
"Out of about 400 public beach access sites along the coastal Carolinas, at least 70 are handicapped-accessible, according to officials from seven communities surveyed by The Sun News."
Coastal Carolina is frankly my favorite beach locale in the country. And I guess it's a matter of perception, but that lead seems to be written as if 70 of 400 was a good record. I don't think so. What about you?


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