Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Handle with care -- PLEASE!

Matthew Rys had a bad experience to say the least with his new wheelchair on a trip. On his trip down to Florida, it was stowed with the baggage and he was "saddened by all the broken parts" on the $30,000 chair. He filed a claim and in the meantime made due in order to continue the trip. Eventually arriving back home in Chicago at Midway Airport "the whole family watched in horror as the wheelchair came rolling down a conveyor, only to smash to the ground below. This time, it was almost inoperable."
It took a while, but it part thanks to the positive power of the press there was a happy ending. The Fixer column of the Chicago Sun-Times contacted AirTran Airlines on his behalf and a check to replace the chair found its way to Rys -- after only about seven months of waiting.


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