Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Inclusive travel blogger shares recent flight experiences

Do you think traveling on planes as a wheelchair user has become routine? Better check out Scott Rains' post on his recent experiences. Here's a sample: "Other than having my wallet stolen by the United Airlines employee who carried my backpack into the cabin and the crew in Sydney that wanted to pass me across the gap between the jetway and the airplane – strapped to a narrow aisle chair – getting on and off a commercial flight has become about as routine and uneventful as loading any other piece of luggage."
Getting on and off a plane shouldn't have to include diplomacy, finessing of personalities and waiting waiting and more waiting. It should be intuitive, natural AND, dare I say, convenient for all passengers. But as long it remains trying at times, I trust Scott will have some of the best advice to offer.
(Photo of jetway and airliner by Clara Natoli at morgueFile)


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