Thursday, November 02, 2006

Drivers object to proposed accessible cab rules in UK

"A lot of people who are in wheelchairs expect to be able to travel in their wheelchairs, rather than have to get in and out of it," said Edele Waters, a government representative at a meeting in the UK on new cab rules.
But fulfilling that expectation was seen by some independent cab operators at that same meeting as threatening their livelihood. They object to a proposed law requiring 10 percent of a fleet to be accessible. When you have only one cab, well, that means that cab needs to be accessible.
"This is discrimination against individual drivers," said a spokesperson for the drivers. "We are being totally ripped off."
The drivers say demand for accessible cabs at the cabstand is extremely low. But the low observation is a red herring. Why would wheelchair users demand accessible cabs at the cabstand when they know they are so rare? (Photo of cab in London courtesy of


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