Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wheelchair users causing delays for buses. It's a good thing!

The Toledo, Ohio bus system seems to be facing a number of challenges in providing good, reliable service. One of the factors blamed by system officials? Riders in wheeelchairs. " Growing numbers of wheelchair passengers using the mainline buses are another factor, James Gee, TARTA general manager told the Toledo Blade. While some slack is built into route schedules to accommodate them, he said loading or unloading a wheelchair takes up to five minutes, which can add up fast."
This is a positive development really. Not because Toledo buses are getting slowed down, but because enough wheelchair users are taking the bus for it to have an impact -- any kind of impact. Too often one of the rationals used to attack accessible public transportation is that no one is using it. No the case in Toledo apparently.
Sounds like Toledo needs to champion the development of a more universally accessible bus.
(Bus image by Kenn Kiser via morgueFile.com)


At 3:49 PM, Anonymous gr8face said...

I've often watched people in wheelchairs wait for buses only to have the lift not operate properly. Really sickening.


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