Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Disability Rights Advocates names a travel Eagle and Turkey

Disability Rights Advocates has announced its annual Eagle and Turkey awards. One of each relates to travel. Eagles are recognized for "progressive policies, practices or attitudes and who give people with disabilities the equal treatment they deserve." Turkeys are recognized for none of the above. Microtel was named an Eagle for excellence in providing accessible lodging for travelers with disabilities and in training staff to better accommodate people with disabilities.
Other Eagles this year were: Merrill Lynch, Sesame Workshop, and Interpretype.
There was a Turkey in the list that relates to travel as well. Northwest Airlines was named a turkey for "its draconian attitudes toward travelers with disabilities and for its lack of disability awareness, and lack of disability customer service training."
Have an Eagle or Turkey in mind? You can nominate for the next round of awards here (scroll down).
(Eagle photo by snork; turkey photo by Malinda Welte. Both via


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