Monday, December 11, 2006

Tiger Airways refuses disabled passenger, ruins family trip

Another incredible example of the depth of discrimination against people with disabilities by an airline surfaced over this family's experience with Tiger Airways. Their daughter was not allowed to board a flight because of her disability. The family says they had checked with the airline first and were told -- as long as they didn't expect any help (lovely sentiment) -- they would be OK. But apparently the captain of the flight intervened. What was his problem? Bear in mind the family was willing to do the lifting etc. Di the captain think she'd release disabled virus into the air? Did he think having a disabled person along would be too unpleasant for his other passengers (or himself)? I suppose knowing the real reason would be too depressing. Even a Tiger Airlines spokesperson admits to this lame policy: "... if the passengers themselves can actively assist the disabled person on to the plane and everything is sorted out, it is up to the travellers, that's our policy.'' Apparently the captain hadn't read the rule book. By missing the flight, the family lost about $15,000 in airfares, transfers and accommodations for their planned month-long trip to Singapore. I hope there's some legal channel open to them to get the money back. The trip is lost, it appears for now. But I hope they find another way to get to Singapore someday. (Photo by Eduardo via


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