Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Study to measure safety of traveling on buses in wheelchair

Ever wondered what the safety of traveling on public transit in a wheelchair is? Some University of Louisville researchers are launching a research project to find out. The researchers believe their work is groundbreaking: “There really are few or no studies in scientific literature addressing the safety of people who remain in their wheelchairs while on buses or in other types of motor vehicles,” said Gina Bertocci, professor and endowed chair of biomechanics in the mechanical engineering department at the University of Louisville’s Speed School of Engineering. The study will examine "how wheelchair riders board, ride in and disembark from buses. They will study videotapes of riders captured by on-board cameras to analyze potentially unsafe situations and suggest preventive measures," a press release says. "The study also will perform in-depth analysis of wheelchair-related incidents." Putting some data behind the issue may help drive the creation of safer wheelchair travel arrangements. (Bus photo by Kenn Kiser via


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