Friday, February 23, 2007

Traveling to Edinburgh to become more accessible from Prestonpans

Catching a train to Edinburgh from the Prestonpans area is a logistical tangle. But improvements to access are slated for the Prestonpans station that will make the convenient direct route possible. The experiences of Janet Henderson, 45, of Prestonpans illustrate the need: “My life could be made a lot easier if there was wheelchair access at the Prestonpans station so anything there would be greatly appreciated by me. It was fine when I lived in Musselburgh because they have facilities there and I could do my shopping in Edinburgh when I needed to. But I’d have to get on and off at Musselburgh or Wallyford and book a taxi to get home which puts a massive obstacle in front of me. I have felt barred from using the train since I’ve lived here – which is absolutely pathetic in this day and age. It all comes down to budgets.” (Photo by kettu via


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