Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A case of rules is rules?

A Manchester, UK man, who had both legs amputated and was using a wheelchair, was asked by a bus driver to in effect prove his disability by producing a pass for free travel. He had the pass, but feels he was humiliated by the process. One interesting twist -- the man was a former bus driver himself. He told the BBC he never asked obviously disabled people to produce a pass. One could argue that the driver is supposed to see a pass or collect a fare; he was just doing his job in that sense, following the rules. On the other hand -- man in wheelchair, double amputee. Get the message Mr. Bus Driver? What do you think, should the driver have grasped the obvious and shut up, or should the passenger have just showed his pass like everyone else must do? Weigh in with a comment. (Bus photo -- not necessarily from Manchester -- by Kenn Kiser via


At 9:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an example of someone behaving poorly. The bus driver did not do anything wrong regarding the rules of the bus line, but he neglected to act like a human being. It’s important for all of us to remember, as we go about our jobs and daily lives, that we are still human and need to retain our humanity in spite of the burdens of the rules and regulations we live under.

On more than one occasion I have hurried my kids and wife onto a bus in a busy city in bad weather and more often than not the driver has given me a break on the faire in order to let everyone get seated quickly and keep the bus moving on schedule. Regardless of the rules there is no reason this driver needed to slow down service for all and inconvenience this passenger by making him retrieve and show his pass.

Let’s hope the bus line deals with this mistake in a personal matter by working directly with the driver rather than trying to write more rules that try to explicitly detail how mature, responsible folks ought to act of their own accord.


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