Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Web hotel booking service sued for discrimination

Is an accessible hotel room an option to you, like say a larger bed? If accessibility is a necessity for your travels, you might want to follow a lawsuit that has been filed against The plaintiffs in the case, two dancers with disabilities, contend ought to guarantee that a reserved room will be accessible when requested, and that to not do so is discrimination. Currently, an accessible room is simply treated as an optional amenity. The point of the suit sounds reasonable. I typically don't use a third party service like when making reservations, preferring instead to book directly with hotel companies themselves. To my experience, accessibility is treated as an option by most everyone. In fact, I find it fairly difficult to book an accessible room that will also accommodate the rest of our family of five. Just because of the nature of my son's disability and his size right now, we can work around this for now. But I often think that just getting a proper room booked for someone who doesn't have that option must be a pain.