Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Big money for station still doesn't bring access

"It is not modern thinking to completely exclude disabled people."
That's a statement from Sian Vasey, director of Action for Equality in Ealing, UK -- a statement that most regular readers of this blog no doubt agree with. But apparently it's not so obvious back in Vasey's home area, where some 400,000 pounds (almost $800,000 US) has been designated for improvements at a rail station. Incredibly, no improvements to the non-existent access features for people with disabilities at the station will be covered by the big bucks. Vasey is torqued off. "If there is money to spend, then something should be done about disabled access, there has never been any interest in improving it," Vasey said. The reason? Cost, says the rail line. Access would be too costly.
Wrong answer! (Photo by kettu via


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