Saturday, November 10, 2007

Outrigger canoeing for those with disabilites -- in Rome???

You might plan a trip to Rome for a lot of reasons. See the ancient sites. Visit the Vatican. Experience real Italian food. I'm sure there's more.
Add outrigger canoing to the list.
This article reports that outrigger canoing is available in of all places Rome. And there's an added bonus to traveling to pursue this sport, be it in Rome or perhaps in a more traditional Pacific Ocean locale. Writes Marco Zoppas:

"One of the attractions of outrigger canoeing is that it is a sport accessible to all, with no age limits or language barriers. It is also growing in popularity among disabled athletes. The Makai centre is planning to add special seats to the OC4 and OC6 canoes, enabling athletes with a wide range of disabilities to join canoeing activities at some point in the future.

Another mode of travel conquered?

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