Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tiger improves accessibility for two per flight with fee

Tiger Airways has made further efforts to improve accessibility to its flights. They have implemented a special mobile chair to help wheelchair users to board at some terminals. That's a big improvement from when we first read about Tiger earlier this month.
... I hate to be a malcontent, but Tiger's latest moves aren't good enough, mostly because they require an additional fee -- now $30 -- and limit users of this equipment on any given flight to two people. Tiger says they continue to need these restrictions because they are a discount airline that emphasizes efficiency. I say, how about taking on the challenge of delivering the same service to the disabled -- at the same level of efficiency -- as Tiger purports to deliver to its other customers?
By the way, TODAYonline deserves credit for dogging this issue. Nice work!
(Photo by Richard van Binsberg via