Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Article says Park City skiing good for those with disabilities

If you're in to big time skiing and have a person with disabilities in your party, this article suggests Park City, Utah might be a place to check out:

"No worries either, if someone in your gang is disabled. The National Ability Center (www.discoverNAC.org) -- the largest adaptive sports program of its kind -- can take them skiing, bobsledding, horseback riding and more with trained instructors and adaptive equipment all for $65 a session -- less than the cost of a lift ticket. (There are scholarships available too.) If you're staying at the Canyons or Deer Valley, they'll even bring the instructors and the equipment to you."

Photo of ski lift not necessarily in Utah by kornrolla via morgueFile.com

Monday, February 04, 2008

Support for Scott Rains inclusive tourism centers project

If by some weird happenstance I was designated as the person who could choose someone to set up centers to forward the cause of accessible travel by people with disabilities, I'd have a short list of the right individual for the job. But surely on that list would be Scott Rains.
So it's fortunate that the Echoing Green Foundation has accepted a proposal by Scott to create three Centers of Excellence in Inclusive Tourism in strategic locations for the second of three rounds of the 2008 competition.
Scott's proposed centers would:
* Standardize the diversity of accessibility laws,
* Disseminate minimum accessibility guidelines for hotels,
* Train travel & hospitality industry staff,
* Promote the education & hiring of People with disabilities (PwDs) in the industry.
If you're not familiar with Scott's work, visit his blog (you can read more about the above project here). If you want to hear his passion come through, watch this video.
The kind of project that Scott proposes is needed to advance the travel experience for people with disabilities. And Scott is just the person to launch them.
Photo of Scott Rains from The Rolling Rains Report