Friday, June 15, 2007

Gone beaching

I told myself I wouldn't let it happen this year. The week before I left on our big family vacation trip, I was going to keep blogging steady.
Yeah right.
Blogging here has been scant of late, as seems to happen to me every time. So since we leave tomorrow -- and I don't do computers on vacation -- I'll see you again in a week or so.
Thanks for reading and remember to come back.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dynamic Leisure gets disabled vets travel gig

Dynamic Leisure Corporation has been designated the exclusive travel provider for Veterans Helping Veterans, Inc. (V2v). "This agreement provides DLC the opportunity to offer a variety of travel programs to over 7 million veterans within V2v's database, and potentially 26 million American veterans worldwide," this press release says.
"We kicked the tires of most major travel wholesalers and selected Dynamic Leisure Corporation as our travel solutions partner because, in our opinion, they have the most advanced travel technology in the marketplace today," said Ken Smith, President of Veterans Helping Veterans. featuring vacation packages provided by Dynamic Leisure Corporation, should be available later this year. (Photo by Kenn Kiser via

Carton House, Ireland, has accessible rooms

Carton House, Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland, reviewed here, sounds like an impressive place. Reviewer Nancy Durrant describes it in inspiring terms. And, she points out, it is accessible: "The hotel is wheelchair accessible and there are nine interconnecting rooms with disabled showers. There is also a disabled lift so you can access spa treatment rooms and disability rooms in the leisure suite."
But the food. She really didn't like the food.

Columnist says service rules enforcement towards airlines lacking

This "The Middle Seat" column by Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal is one of those bad news-good news articles. The bad news? McCartney contends the Department of Transportation is lax in vigorously enforcing customer service regulation violations by US airlines. McCartney quotes a former DOT inspector who says: "When it comes to other areas of customer service, DOT enforcement is milquetoast. There's got to be a cop on the beat, and I don't see it."
The good news? The area McCartney sees as the most vigorously enforced are access and disability related problems. He writes: "The DOT's enforcement office aggressively prosecutes airlines for violations of wheelchair- and disability-access requirements ..."
At least accessibility violations are being enforced. Won't it be grand when there aren't so many to crack down on? (photo via

Monday, June 04, 2007

Wheeling on the 804

In Yachats on the Oregon coast there's the 804 trail, a one-mile wheelchair accessible path. Some glimpses of the trail are here. Impressive looking scenery!