Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cyprus accessibility praised by UK tourist

Gaynor Roberts of Wakefild, England lauds Cyprus for its accessibility. Sad to say she doesn't see the same back home. See suggests Cyprus try to capitalize on this accessibility to "become the number one disabled-friendly holiday resort"
What about that Cyprus? Are you going to go for it? Gaynor says you're already halfway there.

Photo by Lisa Solonynko via morgueFile

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mobility rentals companies to merge

Mergers and such aren't just for the banking industry. Two companies that provide mobility equipment at special events are joining forces. Scootaround Inc. and Mobility Rental Service say they now will form the nation's "largest mobility rentals fleet."

Photo courtesy of Scootaround Inc.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remaking the Roadmaster for accessibility

Because it is such an icon of London, and at the same time not a good fit for those with some disabilities, we have covered from time to time the fate of the Roadmaster bus in London. The Roadmaster is the bus you think of when you think of London -- those red double deckers. A mayor's effort to drag the bus system into the 21st century by ordering new "bendy" -- and accessible -- buses to replace the old buses was met with outrage in some quarters. Now there's a competition to come up with a new icon, somewhat like the old one, but with an important difference -- it has to be accessible.

Photo of old style Routmaster by Rudi Ashdonw via morgueFile

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Public transit concerns arise for 2012 Olympics

Still fresh with enthusiasm of the Olympics from this summer and thinking of making the trip to London for the 2012 games? If you're planning to rely on public transit to get around -- and won't most people? -- you might want to follow this situation. Here's the promise for people with disabilities:
VisitLondon interim chief executive Sally Chatterjee assured delegates the disabled would be catered for. She said: "The London Development Agency is looking at transport accessibility and new measures will be in place by 2012.

Photo by Rudi Ashdown via morgueFile

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